Monday, January 26, 2004

Greetings, fellow LIS 810'ers (like 49'ers),
I also have an up-and-running blog going--are we supposed to supply the address here? I was just wondering and didn't remember the exact directions. I'm finding that much of my other blog is weather-related. I know I need to eventually get away from that, but that's working for now in just talking back and forth with myself. See ya. John Baken
P.S. Greg, that reading is long and I'm doing it piecemeal, as I've downloaded it onto my wife's desktop and read from it each night, after kids are in bed. That's why I am not volunteering to assist with class presentation, as the material is in too "fluid" of a form. However, I will be happy to do it later in semester with a hard copy of something in front of me. It's interesting reading, by the way. I'll post my "thought-provoking" questions here soon.

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