Wednesday, January 28, 2004

1.  Although I do not care much for the statistics provided in "Who's Really Online..." (the numbers given as participant seems low, and they use actual population numbers), one thing I would like to know is the correlation between health and Internet use.  Specifically, are people gaining weight because of computer use (this is highly oversimplified, but in a health conscious society I would like to know if overweight people outweigh normal weight people online)?

2.  Many questions arose in teh movie last week about the quality of education when computers/technology is involved.  I would like to generalize that and ask if technology has really improved anything except in speediness?  The statistics provided are unable to gauge the user's relative happiness with the situation, and I am more interested in quality vs. quantity.  So, has our quality of life improved, or even, are we truly happier than those who do not have this technology?  Is the 'digital divide' really a division of happiness/quality of life? (Should our goals really be to get everyone connected?)

3.  How has computer use affected the lifestyles of other cultures in America, such as Hispanic, African American, etc?  Has it helped them maintain their cultural heritage, or are they being forced into our culture (or both)?  Or, do these other cultures in the US use technology only at work?  How have these technologies impacted the multiculture communities?

I apologize for the multiple questions inside a question, but quality vs. quantity is a lot harder to graph, and it takes a lot more to understand.  Are these questions satisfactory, or did I really overshoot the intent of these readings?  Sorry for all the questions.

In peace,

Amy M Ostrom

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