Monday, May 04, 2009

Issues with multiple social networking identities

I stumbled across this article this morning ( and I thought that it would fall into the digital divide abyss. The article explains the issues of managing multiple social networking accounts and how individuals can get themselves into trouble when their profiles, as a whole, do not align. The writer talks about recent Pew and Nielsen data from 2008 to show that the use of social networking has drastically increased. At the end of the article, the writer makes the claim:
"...our desire to participate in social networks is outpacing our ability to efficiently manage these profiles..."
Just something to start off your week.

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  1. That really sounds to me more like a problem with people over-interpreting social networking profiles rather than people having too many. I mean, I probably have a few profiles floating around out there I no longer keep updated; it's not a factor of me overextending myself but just that I no longer participate in those communities. (Although this article suggests that I probably ought to do a thorough vanity google and get rid of them...)