Wednesday, April 14, 2004

I agree that feminist Cyborg stories must record communication and intelligence to subvert the perpetuation of oppressive thought, myths and misconceptions- but I believe that these critiques by "women of color" and (other) others, must not only include stories of survival, reclamation and redefinition of the tools that have marked them as other, but also the discussion of their battle to save their identity (individual and cultural selves). That means maintaing and confronting their own traditions and cultural speak on and off line. What kind of web presence is necessary to subvert and de-construct these myths? How can these groups utilize and highlight the relevance and validity of their struggle and present reality without marginalizing themselves into further subsets of society?

Is cyborg imagery a way out of dualism?
How can what counts as daily activity and experience be appropriated by exploiting a cyborg image?

After reading about the five faces of oppression and the idea of absolute "otherness" within the walls of institutional/structural/historical oppression- It seems that the institution of exclusion would extend itself in virtual communities- As we all enter with the baggage of our experience. Understanding these concepts enables one to consider factors (subconscious and conscious) that may limit the activity and energy of certain groups on the web. I guess the real question at the end of the day is- how do we balance respect and representation? How can we keep his/herstories from the past in mind, while living thoughtfully in the present as we define space and identity on the web?

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